Wind Power Sale

Wind Power through Group Captive

Wind Power through Group Captive

Industrial and Commercial Customers in Tamil Nadu procuring Wind Power through Group Captive mechanism has emerged as a truly feasible and viable option.
Wind Power sourced via the Group Captive is available at very attractive price (less than less than TNEB). Increasing costs of grid power, Green Power from WIND will become even more economically attractive in future

Advantages of using Wind Power - Chennai Tamil Nadu

ü  Energy (Electricity) shortage, high cost, Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation encouraging consumption of Wind Energy.

ü  Rising cost of conventional fuels like Coal, Gas, Diesel etc. is leading to escalating Electricity Tariffs.

ü  Wind provides Electricity at predictable rates over the course of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

ü  Innovative Commercial Models provides long term Energy Security

ü  Very minimal upfront investment (less than 10% of annual savings)

ü  Pay for Power Consumed, Effective Long Term Cost Forecast, Growing Market Benefit without Investment.

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