About us

We are the pioneer in buying/selling used wind mills across South India!!!

What we do:

Our core responsibility lies in identifying potential used wind mills for buying/selling and then we work as the mover organization between the buyer and seller of wind mills.

We bridge the gap between buyer/seller and make the entire process highly comfortable and easy.

How we work:

We have with us a huge potential buyer/ seller database of used wind mills
In addition, a separate team works on regular basis in identifying the potential buyers/sellers who are ready to buy/sell windmills in South India.

The entire machinery which is to be bought/sold is evaluated by our team of experts.

After the 1st level of expert review, the machinery system is further reviewed and audited by external industrial experts and finally certified for sale/buy.

When a query is initiated for buy/sale of windmill, we share the details of sellers/buyers from our database. Along with this, we completely take care of liasoning process with TNEB thereby providing our customers 100% support in completing the buy/sell process without any hassles.

We work with a strictly maintained TAT (Turn Around Time) and the process gets completed within a planned time period.